Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My latest finish

I finally got my memory card cleaned up so that I could take better pics of my quilts.
This quilIt is my latest finish. It was a WIP for the longest time. I finished the top last winter and then finally quilted it on my home machine. I was brave and used feathers and swirls to randomly fill in the negative space.

I quilted petals into the flowers and did random designs in the six flowers. Looking back I wish I would have done an odd number of flowers, but I do love the color combos.
The dresdens were something that jumped into my head and wouldn't let me go. The placement was a little harder than I expected. It took me a couple tries to get everything where I wanted it.

I have to give credit to my wonderful helper this afternoon. Holding up quilts in 80 degree weather was not his idea of fun. But, he is a wonderful quilter husband. Very supportive of my crazy quilting notions and shopping.

Until next time,

-Miss Melly

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