Thursday, January 5, 2012

So Much

I look back at my last post, made last September, and I think of all that has happened since then. I have gotten a new job, I have finished a few projects, my little man has grown so much!
I have been so diligent in reading my favorite quilt bloggers, and while I sit at work - at my fancy new desk job- and eat my lunch, and read my blogs, I dream of being able to post and to be able to show off my little quilty projects.
And you think it would be easy to get all of this accomplished? No. Not at all. My silly little boy and my silly husband keep me busy. Then there is the shift of 3 7-730 shifts a week to 5 8-4 shifts a week. I love the hours. Not sure if I love the job yet. Hoping the nagging want to interact with patients again will go away. I did help a Nurse out over the phone today... it felt so good. Silly that I miss something  I used to dread.

So anyway... enough of my personal chatter. I am so proud to post this picture.
First, of course, it is my sweet little man. Second, It is my Yo-Yo quilt. Does anybody remember seeing this on the cover of American Patchwork & Quilting last Spring? Oh- I fell in love the moment I saw it while standing in line at Jo-Ann's. So I bought the magazine, about 6 months pregant. My joke was that I would finish it about the time the baby that I was currently pregnant with went off to college... And then I joked that it would be a great project to have if I ever had to be put on bedrest. The quilt has the special attribute of being a scrap quilt, so many of the yo-yo's I look at and think of another quilt I made or somthing that my mom has made. My mother and little sister made about 25% of the yo-yo's on this quilt. So I did finish it about the middle of the summer. And of course, the joke was on me. I had it quilted, and on the twin bed in the nursery and my OB ordered me on bedrest. God gives us so many reasons to laugh.
Since the last post, I was able to finish 1 child's quilt as a donation to our local nonprofit child welfare center. I made a twin for that quilt as well, but the top still sit in my pile of "To be Quillted's." Maybe later this spring...
My cousin and his wife are expecting a baby girl. All I do is think about a sweet little pink quilt to make. I'm thinking applique... "Miss Mia" and a little elephant. Hearts. Flowers. Bows. Girly!! Do any of you get quilting stuck on the brain... It's the only thing that you can think of?

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