Sunday, September 25, 2011

Enjoying the end of the weekend

I'm very happy that it is finally the end of this weekend and I can sit and relax a while. I just layed the baby down and am enjoying some quiet time with my husband and Springer Spaniel.
My husbands aunt and uncle from  MA were in town this weekend to see the baby. They are the cliche of an old married couple. They interrupt eachother constantly and tell the same stories over and over... sweet couple, glad they stayed at my mother-in-law's house and not mine. lol.
Saturday, I dropped the baby off at my Mother-in-law's for my first day out and away from him. I went to Novi for the American Sewing Expo. I met my mom and aunt out there. They were pretty bummed the baby wasn't with me... but I'm glad I left him becuase Suburban Collection Showplace has a no stroller policy... crazy! Had so much fun though. They had great displays and demonstrations. Next year, I'll plan ahead and sign up for some of the seminars. I fell in love with an HQ 16 setup that they had on display. Only $4995... Might have to work some overtime for that one... The long-arm displays were fabulous though, becuase you could play with the machines. Would love to have a long arm quilter.... someday.
I also learned some on wool felting. I think I need to take a class on that. I was so proud of myself, I bought NO fabric. Came close a few times! I did buy a few notions, including the dresden plate template. I keep thinking of a halloween quilt made with that design.  Can't wait to play around with it!
The baby did wonderfully at his Grandma's yesterday without mommy... it's a good thing, because daycare starts in a week! It is my husbands birthday today, so we've been busy busy! Hoping for some relaxation tommorrow and hoping to get my Halloween quilt "A Little Bit of Boo" quilted tommorrow.

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