Sunday, February 9, 2014

Weekend Check In

So here we are, 10 pm on Sunday night.
Seriously, where did my time go??
Because of working 12 hour shifts, I actually had a four day weekend.
So during nap time, I rocked out in my sewing room.
I finished my February Globetrotting Block of the month, "Venice":

Love the 'Me and My Sister' black and white print in the center:
I also put in quite a bit of work on my honey's Civil war Quilt:

I actually put in some serious work on this bad boy.
I finished attaching my square in a square blocks.
Made the 2 inch square borders and added the 1 inch borders.
Only four more borders to go...
But between the 8 star blocks and the 48 flying geese, I have ALOT of piecing left to do.
So it will remain my work in progress.
The sun was shining so brightly here in South East Michigan this weekend, so I took the lighting opportunity and grabbed a few shots of some quilts you have not seen yet.
-These were my finishes late last summer-
First off, my cop-out Riley Blake block of the month quilt:
(I copped out after the April block)
But I totally adore the monochromatic-ness of it.

And, you can barely see it in the pics, but the fabric has sparkles as well... LOVE.
And my orphan block quilt:
This quilt actually contains orphan blocks from myself, my mom and my aunt.
I always think of a farm when I look at this quilt.
You have the split rail fence, the houses, barns, geese, pond, stream, silo, windmill, furrows...
You see all that, right??
Everyone enjoy your evening!

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