Thursday, March 21, 2013

I Might Have Lost My Mind

Does anyone out there have the self control to "Just Say No" to their quilting urges? When the creative fire is sparked, can you put it out of your mind and tell yourself: "No, <Name Here>, your house needs spring cleaning, you are hosting Easter dinner in a week, you work full time, you have little children, your husband has the weekend off, and you only have a week to finish your little hair-brained idea."
I don't have this so called self control.
Not at all.
A friend and coworker of mine has taken a new job in Florida. She is moving her family at the beginning of next month.
I have very much enjoyed working with Ruby. We both worked on the same hospital unit together as nurses- then she was the first of a small group of us on that unit that left our careers at the bedside and went into Nursing Informatics.
I give her lots of credit- because I really can't imagine uprooting my little life and moving across the country.
I had been rolling a quilt idea around in my mind- something involving hounds tooth, but just couldn't seem to latch on to the idea.
Then Tuesday night, as I lay in bed (because that's where so many great quilting ideas are born), I thought up this little number.
I quickly drew up my specs the next morning.
I had the perfect print from my stash in mind for the center square.
But it was at home, and I was at work.
I made the snap judgement to go to JoAnn's on my lunch hour anyway, to grab the fabric I needed to complete my idea - hoping that the colors of the fabric in my memory would match.
I chose Kona Cotton in Bone and Espresso:
When I made it home after work, I quickly pulled my print from my stash, and held my breath:
And took a sigh of relief.
They matched!
I threw together my 12 inch blocks:
I was really quite nervous about the amount of cream in the print against the solid cream border. But, I really liked the look it created.
Because today was a work from home day for me, I was able to utilize my lunch break for my little sewing blitz.
Bock layout on design wall.
My dishes were done and my sweet children were both bathed and in bed by Eight this evening
(a red letter day in this household).
I dedicated my evening to sashing- and finished the top:
I was going for a neutral vintage modern look - I think it will 'fit' my friend very nicely.
Now, just need to get her basted, quilted, and bound to place in Ruby's hands next Thursday.
No Pressure.
(I work better under the wire anyway)
More to show you soon!
Have a wonderful evening, everyone!



  1. Hey, way to go. :D She's going to love this, and it'll be a very nice comfort to her when she's far from her friends and known system.