Sunday, March 24, 2013

Hear Me Roar!

My mom always used the phrase, "I am woman, hear me roar!" when she was pretty proud of herself.
Well, I'm feeling pretty proud...
I had this bad boy on my machine tonight:

Quilting on my little sewing blitz quilt is officially finished. Tonight. Woo hoo!
This leads me to a random question for the evening...
What is your favorite part about the quilting process from that first rotary slice to the last stitch in the binding?
I live for the moment when I can take my quilted quilt and cut the rough edges away.
There is just something about that glorious clean edge and the feeling of accomplishment.
While I'm asking random questions- what do you do with your "warm-up" or practice pieces?
Mine are piling up around here, and I'm not quite sure what to do with them...
But of course, my favorite part of quilting leads to my least favorite part of quilting...
cutting threads.
I did try something new on this quilt.
I had heard or read somewhere that one should zig-zag the raw edges of their quilt down before quilting.
I have to say, this really didn't work for me.
I got about 18 inches down the first side of my quilt and gave up.
Things were bunching up and it seemed like more of a hassle than a help.
Does anyone else do this?
Do you find it helpful?
More to come on this quilt.
Have a wonderful evening!


  1. Hey, cool!! It's always so exhilarating to finish the quilting on a top. :) I can't pick a single task/stage that is my favorite. I really enjoy almost every aspect of making a quilt. I don't zig-zag my quilt edges, but the very first thing I do when I start to quilt it is run a straight stitch via walking foot around the entire perimeter within the 1/4" allowance. I plan for this while putting in my basting pins, so it's a smooth process. Helps stabilize everything and is also rather nice at binding time, with everything neatly compressed along the edges.

  2. I know my least favorite is ripping out because I didn't read directions. I spend my evening taking apart 3 finished and trimmed squads, I will say sipping on a glass of wine while ripping made it a little more relaxing. There are so many things I like about quilting because I spend a lot of time in my sewing room but I will say I like when the top starts coming together and you have it laid out and seeing the pattern for the first time.