Wednesday, February 27, 2013

WIP Wednesday: Lilly Pilly

Last night was a perfect night to be stuck indoors and sewing.
This photo just does not do our storm justice.
This tree was beautifully blanketed in white last night at about 10 p.m.
 Now with the temps above freezing, everything is a foggy. sloppy mess here in Metro Detroit.
Having finished another large project (Stay tuned for Friday Finish!! So excited!) over the weekend, I decided to start pulling from my WIP basket.
I found this little gem:
I started the Lilly Pilly quilt by Don't Look Now when I was pregnant with my #1.
(Did anyone else go quilt pattern/fabric crazy when they were pregnant?)
I started this with the hopes of hanging it in the nursery.
 Now, 2 years later, maybe I can finish it before #2 moves into the nursery.
I have somewhere around 80% of the leaves sewn into place. I used fusible web to applique my pieces and a zig-zag stitch around the edges.
I used assorted colors from Moda's Basic Grey's Grunge line.
The white backing is also a Grunge fabric.
(But it's hard to tell with the pattern of my design wall peeking through)
I just have all of the green shaded leaves to stitch into place.
Then we can move on to quilting - Yay!
Feeling so good about my productivity.
I have found that in finishing projects, my mind is just swirling with ideas.
To the point I can't concentrate at work.
-yes, it's that bad-
Doodles done during a tele-conference my lunch break the other day.
Can't wait to start a new project.
Have a great afternoon, everyone.
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  1. I like both of your trees: the snow-covered one and the fabric one. I especially like the leaf colors on your fabric tree.

  2. Love it - I am so into trees at the moment :-)

  3. That's gorgeous! Hope you can get it finished soon! We lived in Northern Michigan for 3 years, and I really do miss all of the snow we got (in the NE LP).

  4. I really like your tree quilt. I bought this pattern a couple years ago but haven't made it yet. I might just need to pull it out. Yours is turning out so cute.