Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Turnin' a Trick

Slow, slow progress on this poor valentine quilt binding.
So, in light of that, I don't have to much else to blog about.
But I had an epiphany yesterday at work...
Office Binder Clips to hold your binding as you stitch!
 I'm notorious at losing pins, and I have a curious little boy that is in to everything, so this is a great alternative to pinning it down.
So I am sharing my trick with you all today, and linking up with Sew at Home Mummy's "Tips and Tricks" Tuesday.

And, do you ever find that as soon as you put your quilt on the ground, it attracts pets and kids like a magnet?
Don't have any tips on that one ;)
Now, off to get this binding done and watch (listen to) the Bachelor...
Garbage TV is my guilty pleasure.
Have a great evening, everyone!
Tips & Tricks Tuesdays at Sew at Home Mummy

1 comment:

  1. Fantastic trick! I love it! Adding it to my repertoire!
    Thanks for linking up today :) MacGyver would be proud!