Friday, January 25, 2013

Out of Focus

I simply cannot focus on one project at a time right now.
I have started quilting my Scrappy Stash QAL quilt:
I got through one bobbin of my quilting, and had to give in to the stomach flu.
 (I was trying to ignore it.)
 I knew it was coming...
My son brought it home and gave it to my husband and then he gave it to me.
(Even though I had emptied half a can of Lysol around the house and washed my hands incessantly.) Thankfully the baby didn't catch it!
But anyway... That's where my SSQAL quilt has stayed... one bobbin in.

Then, I had the opportunity to use my mom's Long arm last weekend. Because my SSQAL was sitting on my machine, I pulled a top out of my WIP pile and took the kids up to Grandma's.
 Long arm quilting at my mom's is wonderful. I get to quilt [mostly] uninterrupted and grandma gets time with the babies. 
I made this stack and whack top back in the winter of 2011. I quilted each of the strips within the block alternating between bubbles and hills.
If I can get this bound, it might make it up on the wall for Valentine's Day.
And of course, spending time in blog land is a HUGE distraction to my current sewing To-do list.
Do you ever get caught in the chain reaction of posts and tutorials and pictures and such?
It all started with falling in love with Tessa's ruffly skirt.
So I started to look for a ruffly skirt tutorial.
But... then I found the sweetest handmade baby shoes!
So I went in search for a tutorial for that.
I loosely followed the pattern and came up with these:
These are slightly small for my little one (who is already 2 mos old... can you believe it?).
These are more or less a prototype... I didn't like the way the pattern had me assemble the shoes.
The next pair will be much better.
Sewing these tiny shoes make me think of wanting to make Barbie clothes when I was about 7.
I begged my grandma to let me make 'real' Barbie clothes from a pattern
 (My homemade barbie clothes consisted of scraps held together with safety pins).
She told me I wouldn't like the tiny seams...
You were right, Grandma, tiny seams aren't much fun.
My sister is expecting a baby girl- and is due on the 30th of this month (so any time, now).
I'm thinking a pair of shoes and a ruffly skirt and maybe even a flowery headband are in order for my sweet new niece.
Maybe even matching outfits for our little girls?
See... there I go again, losing focus!
So on the list for the weekend:
(and maybe a visit to see the new baby)
I hope everyone has a very wonderful and productive weekend!!
(They are just getting so big!)

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