Friday, October 5, 2012

Blogtoberfest #5: Friday Night - As a Young Mom

So this is the normal view of my far living room wall:
I made this quilt from a mystery quilt class that I took with my mom. I finished the quilt top the first winter we were married, while we were living in our tiny apartment.
I actually picked out the paint colors of my living/dining room based on this quilt.
I finally quilted it this spring and it has hung on the wall ever since-
 until today!
 I hung up my "Little Bit of Boo" quilt that I made late last fall. I added ribbon ties to the top to add an extra bit of 'cuteness.' It doesn't quite fill up the wall the way I had envisioned it- but now I'm imagining a runner style wall hanging on either side...
What do you think?
(Something else to add to my 'October-to-craft' list!)
I added a few more 'close-ups' of this one. It features embroidered blocks and pinwheels (I have a weakness for pinwheels). I took the pattern from a magazine that I purchased a few years ago. I believe it was the Fall 2010 Better Homes and Gardens Quilt Sampler... it's somewhere in my extensive quilt mag collection. If you are interested, I will dig up the exact info on it for ya!

Tomorrow, I'll dig out the rest of the Halloween dec!
Are you more of a 'cutesy' Halloween decorator? Or do you gravitate to the ghoulish?
I love my cutesy stuff - all the way!
I had originally planned for tonights blog to be short and sweet... posted from the blogger app on my phone as we drove to the other side of town.
That was my plan anyway.
So, as I mentioned in my blog yesterday, we just celebrated our four-year wedding anniversary. We had plans tonight for a (long over-due) date night. Complete with a trip to the movies (I can't remember the last time I was in the movie theater).
A family member had offered earlier in the week to take the baby overnight. Last night, we recieved a phone call from her asking 'what the plan was' for tonight, becuase she had dinner plans with friends...
We really need to find a nice little high schooler to babysit on Friday nights.
This family member does this often. She will agree to take the baby, and then at the last minute act like we never discussed a final plan.
Any suggestions?
I will say, though, the three of us had a great time going out to the local Coney for dinner and then hanging out with all the other young parents at Target.
That brings up another question... Has anyone else ever noticed how Target is the  place to be on a Friday night if you have kids?
Hehehe, we have to get out of the house sometime, right?

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  1. I decorate with a cutesy style for Halloween. I'm into the purple and green accents mixed with orange and black, rather than the black. and grey scheme. So, I love your Boo quilt. I also think the mystery quilt -- I'm a big fan of stars.

    I didn't know about Friday nights at Target. I tend to go when they open at 8AM or at 4PM if my daughter has practice nearby.