Sunday, July 22, 2012

Vacation Prep

This morning is the quiet before the storm.

This friday, I am hosting a party, and then bright and early(ish) Saturday morning we set off for a week of camping. So there will be lots of *fun* had cleaning the house and camper, trying to pack (sensibly) to accomodate our 11 month old (are we crazy?) for the week, trying to pack ourselves and so on. I've got plenty of lists started. It's the only way my 2nd Trimester brain can keep things organized! I am not anticpating to much time for sewing, but I might get a minute here and there.
Because we will be camping, I need some handwork to do for the week. I decided to take the plunge into hand quilting.

I pulled my son's I-Spy quilt from my WIP pile and went in search for some quilting Inspiration. Both Anna Maria Horner and Mary at Molly Flanders have great tutorials. They both use perle cotton, which I think will give my little man's quilt an even more soft texture and whisical look.
I shopped the web for a good chunk of the afternoon yesterday in search of the perfect perle cotton thread. But I was out for instant gratification, and didn't want to pay express shipping, so I set off to the craft store.

So, the craft store did not have what I was expecting in line of colors in size 8 thread, which is what I set out to get. They did have a nice selection of DMC size 5 thread, so okay, plan B...

I chose a verigated green and verigated orange thread for my quilting. Now I think I might need blue as well. I might have to go back.

So, in search for my quilting hoop this morning, I ran across this old WIP:

This is my lime green, pink and orange double Irish Chain. I started this somewhere around my freshman year of college... 8ish years ago? I was determined to hand quilt it. My mom told me I would be sorry... My 19ish year-old self wouldn't hear it. And now here she is... half quilted and slightly forgotten.

I did find that I had more quilting done than I thought. She might come out of the WIP pile soon.

I hope everyone enjoys what is left of their weekend.

-Miss Melly

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  1. The variegated thread looks fun and I think the colors are spot on for your quilt top! I love the prints you chose too. :)

    P.S. Thanks for stopping by Echinops & Aster and leaving me a comment on my gnoma quilt top! I am going to be using perle cotton as well for my hand quilting. I just bought a quilting frame so I am almost ready to get started. :)