Sunday, August 4, 2013

Summer Recap

Well, it's been awhile since I have blogged. My apologies if you have missed me!
So I have a little recap of what I have been up to this summer.
I'll start with my finish for the store sample:
The pattern for this quilt ended up being super easy to put together. I had a ton of leftovers, So I used some to piece the back:
I also added a close-up of the quilting from the back. I did this on my own machine here at home. I did an allover feathering design. This is always my favorite free-motion design:

This quilt has already made it back home to me. According to my aunt, the pattern and fabric sold out right after they put this quilt up in the store.
How cool is that?
I also put together a cute summer bag:
This is the 'Pinafore Bag' by Me and My Sister Designs. I made this out of some Amy Butlers that I had stashed away. It was not easy to cut into this yardage, but I loved the end result. This bag is awesome- it's cute enough to go anywhere, and it will fit all sorts of baby paraphernalia!
This next quilt is my Bohemian Kaleidoscopes:
I finished this in June for the wedding of my husband's cousin.
 His cousin had told me that they had an "Eclectic Bohemian" feel to their home. I have always wanted to try a kaleidoscope quilt, and felt like that this would be perfect for a Bohemian scrappy quilt.
I loved this quilt. I ended up pulling out ALOT of my Kaffe Fasset and Amy Butler prints for this.
The red border with the 'exploding' kaleidoscopes were a last minute decision, because it just needed 'something.' - It really did give it that special something that it needed.
Like I said, I loved it, and so did my husband. (He didn't want to give it away)
The newly-weds loved it!
My only regret is that I didn't get a better pic. The above pic was taken in a hurry with my cell phone as we were packing up the babies to drive out to Massachusetts.
(That was an experience - an almost 2 year old and a 6 month old on an 11 hr trip...)
And I have been making clothes for the kids:
These are a pair of pajamas for my little man. Little projects like these help to keep things fresh and interesting.
Like they say, "Variety is the spice of life."
This next one is a quilt 3 years in the making:
I started this quilt in the summer of 2010. It was my first attempt at applique.
I loved pairing the colors together for the flip flops. They are all outlined in black button-hole stitches (by machine).
This has been sitting in my finish piles for the last 3 years, because I didn't know how it was going to be quilted. It's amazing how things change in 3 years.
3 years ago, I was not confident in my machine quilting abilities, and did not want to quilt this quilt for fear of screwing up something I loved so much.
I was able to use my mom's long arm for this quilt- I ended up quilting the black background prints in bubbles and did little loops in the pink sashing. The green border has a palm leaf sort of motif going on.
Here is a shot of the back:
Can't wait to use this on the beach next weekend. Both the kids love this quilt. My little man has been 'trying on' each of the flip flops.
So funny.
Have a wonderful afternoon everyone.
It is great to see you all again!


  1. Wow, you have been BUSY!!! Glad to see you are blogging again. You inspire me to return too, once my kids are back in school.

    1. Thank you!! I missed you my blogging friend! Can't wait to see what you have been up too.