Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunday Stashin': Holy Amy!

I joined the Amy Butler Charm swap that is being hosted by Rachel over at Sew Happily Ever After!
I took the very last spot. Woo hoo!
This is my first fabric swap ever here in blog land.
I'm so excited.
I started looking through my stash and was incredibly surprised at how much Amy Butler I actually had!
 Look at all of that!
Where did it all come from and why haven't I used this yet?
Are there any designers that you collect that you just can't bring yourself to cut into?
I'm envisioning some English Paper piecing for the charm squares that I will receive from this swap. I am flying out to Idaho for a week for work at the beginning of June, and am pretty sure my company will not pay the extra baggage fee for me to bring my machine along. ;)
So, I need to plan a good hand stitching project for my down time - and plan ride!
It's looking like I'll be sending the Love Sunspots and the Daisy Chain Deco Rose.
I'd also like to report that I have completed all of the zig-zagging on my Lilly Pilly quilt. Now I need to embroider a few pairs of feet and eyes and she can be basted!
And, I had my helpers in the sewing room with me today.
#1 'helping' me with my stash.
#2 keeping an eye on my progress. Gotta make sure she learns early!
Look how excited she was about me finishing my zig-zagging!
Funny story though: My foot kept getting confused between my foot pedal and her bouncy seat.
Have a wonderful evening everyone!!
I'm linking up with Fiona at Finding Fifth for her Sunday Stash Linky Party.


  1. Oh, some lovely prints there! What a gorgeous girl, I love that last photo!

  2. I never sewed when my kids were babies so you are doing very well. I have only two Amy Butler prints in my stash, isn't that bad? So lovely that you got the last spot and that you linked up this week.