Wednesday, October 31, 2012

WIP Wednesday: I've returned!

After my little week and a half break, I've finally returned!
A crazy work week, a cold, and this whole 8 months pregnant thing can really put a damper on my blogging!
My WIP continues to be my Scrappy Quilt Along. All of my blocks are assembled, and I have sketched out a layout. I am determined to use my stash for this whole quilt. I wanted to stick with a modern theme- so I picked a gray mottled piece that I had buried in there.
The fabric makes me think of granite, with black and gold flecks. I'm not quite sold on it - so I flipped the fabric over and got a mostly solid gray with light black flecks.
I WELCOME your thoughts and opinions on this!! 

 My mom and her 'quilting cronies' - a more traditional quilting bunch- prefer the front of the fabric.
 I just can't decide...
Then I tried my hand at machine paper piecing. I have an idea for the outer border of this quilt - so I played around with some wax paper and scraps:
 It was really easy, but I have a hard time keeping the grain right.
Are any of you experienced with machine paper piecing? Is grain something I should worry about when doing this?
My little guy automatically adopted the above piece as his own. He had an absolute meltdown when mommy took her flying geese back. (Life is hard when you are 14 months old.)
So, because this piece was practice, I Made a pillow for him:
 Of course, now that I made him a pillow, he hasn't looked twice at it...
I also got a package of 7" zippers... will be great for Christmas goodies!
 Check out Zipit for some awesome prices and selections on zippers. They were awesome to work with!
My sisters, mom, and I had our craft show this weekend:
 I made a stack of burp cloths and took my schnibbles and created pom-pons out of them.
 Unfortunately, the shoppers were not in the market for burp cloths on Saturday...
Everything I made was from my stash - so I did not count out of pocket expenses.
The table split 4 ways was $5 per person.
My grand total profit was -$3.
There will always be other craft shows :)
Anyway, we had a fun little Halloween. No trick-or-treating this year...
Next year, when mommy is not 8 mos. pregnant, we will all have fun trick-or-treating!
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And I made it through Blogtoberfest!  
Have a great Halloween Night my friends!

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  1. Welcome back! I also had a two-week hiatus and returned today. The log cabins look great. I can't wait to see a design wall layout. Re: grain and foundations, the paper should keep the fabric from stretching, so straight-of-grain should not be an issue. Are you sticking the pillow in the baby's room? It sure is cute!