Monday, October 15, 2012

Weekend Catch-Up

What a weekend!
Friday night's Quilt 'Til You Wilt was totally relaxing, refreshing: fun. I will say, I didn't get as much accomplished as I wanted to- I was socializing too much. Not a terrible predicament to be in, though! ;)
Saturday, My mom, the baby and I went on our own little shop hop.
We checked out 'Bittersweet,' 'Bay View Calico's,' and 'Park Bench.'
At Bittersweet, they have ALOT of felt and Civil War prints. They have an amazing selection of patterns, so I picked up a few:
Uh, can you say 'too cute' on the animal coin purses? I can't wait to make up one of those!
Bay View Calico's had kind-of a fabric mish-mash going on. It was a good place to spend the afternoon, hunting down the perfect print for your upcoming project. I picked up a 'Salt Air' charm pack and a couple yards of this grayish-blackish-navy metallic blend. It just called to me. I love the sparkle... I think it would look so cute with the Salt Air print. I'm seeing something with a lot of negative space...
Park Bench may be my most favorite quilt shop to visit. They are small, but they carry full lines of SO MANY modern prints. I could spend alot of time (and money) in there just touching and ogling.
Because I couldn't take home 1/2 yard cuts of all of this...  
I picked up one of these instead:
Gotta love the charm packs ;)
I also picked up a pair of fat quarters from Basic Grey's 'Hello Luscious!':
Again- I would love nothing more than to take home a 1/2 yard cut of the whole line... but a couple fat quarters will suffice for now ;)
Sunday was a day of production.
I finished 5 more burp cloths for the craft show:
And I now have a tally of 12 Scrappy Log Cabins for my QAL:
Now with less than 2 weeks until this craft show and 4 weeks left of the QAL, I better get crackin'.
It's so much more fun to sew for pleasure than for cash.
Let's hope it all pans out!
Happy Monday my friends!


  1. What a fun weekend! That pocket pattern looks cute. How will you use the pockets?

  2. ;) You mean you don't stay up until 2 am reading blogs? Hehehe.
    I'd like to make one for my desk drawer at work, and I'd like to make one for the changing table. And then I think if I keep my momentum up, I'd like to make a few for Christmas gifts. I think you've noticed already... I have SO many ideas, and limited time :)