Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I-Spy a finish!

One of the last full posts (Back in July) that I published featured my I-Spy WIP for my son. I finished. Yay!
I wanted to finish this in time for his 1 year birthday. I was close, but finished around his 13 month milestone. I hand quilted this with Perle cotton thread. I have to say, I truley love it and am so happy that I put the extra time into hand quilting it!
A little close up action:

Love those little hedgehogs!

I used a striped fabric for the back and included a few leftover 6" squares for some detail. Although, lesson learned here: Not so easy to hand quilt with all those extra seams in the back!
And of course, I had to add a picture of the quilt with its new owner. He does like the quilt, he was just ready for some dinner in this photo.
This gets me excited to start an I-Spy quilt for #2, who is due here in December. I'm envisioning 60 degree triangles for her quilt - in purples and magentas!!
Hopefully, tonight I will get some work accomplished on my Scrappy Stash QAL scrap prep.
Also, if you are up for a challenge this month, join me and about 300 others for Blogtoberfest!



  1. very very cute quilt! and that hand quilting is so perfect! i started hand quilting my first quilt this year and it is a biggie! i should have started smaller. also, you asked about what attachment for your kitchenaid to use for the cinnamon rolls i posted on my blog. use the dough hook, for sure! ;) xo